Three ideas to increase your appointment setting performance.

Do you give good phone?

Happy Woman CallerIn an earlier blog, we talked about the value of recording ourselves to determine if we can improve our performance on the phone. In this blog, we’ll talk about what to look for when you listen to yourself.

Several years ago, UCLA determined that effective communication consists of:

  • 55% non-verbal communication such as boy language and facial expressions
  • 38% tonality
  • 7% content

We know that we cannot see facial expressions and body language clues over the phone. And, certainly we must have a value proposition that resonates with our target, but as you can see, it is the smallest component of effective communications. So, what can we do to leverage the 38% we can control on a phone call?

Here’s what we can do to make ourselves someone our target would like to meet:

  1. Use a wireless headset and stand up when you make calls so that your voice has more energy. That way you can use hand gestures just like you do when speaking face-to-face. I even walk around behind my desk when I talk. That will make you more animated.
  2. Smile and be enthusiastic. Let your passion for what you do come through in your voice. Make sure the belief you have in what you’ve done for others comes through in your voice. You do believe in what you’re selling, don’t you?
  3. Make sure to use inflection in your voice. If you’re following points one and two, it will be difficult to not have your voice change in pitch and intensity.

You obviously can’t see if you were standing or using hand gestures when you listen to a recording of yourself, but you will hear the result of doing so. Try it—I think you’ll like it!

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