Top 10 Mistakes cold callers make on the phone (#3).

Mistake #3 – Assuming we can help them improve what they are currently doing.

D'oh“I can save you money over what you’re paying today!”  or “I can make you more productive and save you time!”  Have you ever had someone call you with a message like these? Or worse than that, do you say it yourself?  If it’s not in the opening message as the reason we’re calling, a lot of us trying to set an Initial Appointment resort to this approach as we try to talk the person we’re calling into meeting with us.  When someone calls me and I hear that, I get even more annoyed at the interruption than I was when I realized this was a cold call.

In my opinion, we lose all credibility as a resource who can potentially help the target with their challenges when we make statements like that. As the objecting attorney might say in the courtroom, “Assumes knowledge not in evidence at this time, your honor”.  (This does assume we haven’t researched this particular target and do know that we can help them.)

How do we know what they’re paying or how well they’re doing?  For that matter, how do we even know they use what we’re selling?  We do want to find out if we can help them, but let’s not use the assumptive position that we can.  It’s insulting and makes us come across like the proverbial telemarketer or unprofessional used car salesman.

One last thought.  Go ahead and use this approach if you’ve been able to help 100% of the prospects you entered into a buying cycle with, because you’re selling the proverbial better mouse trap—and take advantage of it while you can.  It won’t last long.

If you’d like more information on how to craft a message that will convey how we’ve helped others, drop us a line or give us a call. We love talking appointment making!

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