Top 10 Mistakes cold callers make on the phone (#5).

Mistake #5 – Winging it on each call.

D'ohMistake number four talked about not internalizing our message so that we sound like we’re reading it.  The alternative to internalizing the message is just to wing it on each call thinking that this makes us sound more ‘natural’.

The problem with doing it that way is that if we deliver a different message each time, we can’t predict, and therefore, limit the number and types of responses we’ll get.  That makes the task of handling those Negative Conditioned Responses even more difficult.

Remember, if we deliver the same message each time, we’ll get the same few Negative Responses each time.  And if we get the same Conditioned Responses each time, it reduces the number of Counters, or responses we’ve got to learn how to handle.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that winging it is the easy way out.  It’s not.  It’s one of the major reasons for call reluctance. It increases, not decreases the magnitude of the task and to an overwhelming feeling of there being ‘millions’ of ways people say no.

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