Top 10 Mistakes cold callers make on the phone (# 6).

Mistake #6 – Asking leading questions.

D'oh“You would like to save money wouldn’t you?”  Remember, less than five percent of the people we call think they are in the market for what we’re selling when we call.  If they don’t think they need us and don’t want to talk to us (because we’re also interrupting them), this kind of question backs them into a corner (how can they say no to that question without sounding like an idiot). It is offensive and does nothing but annoy them even more at the interruption. The result: We’ve just made our own job more difficult.

Our approach to countering their initial knee jerk Negative Response is to first provide them with a face-saving way to reverse course (remember, odds are, their response wasn’t true). We call that a Transition. Then, we ask one of our Bridge Questions™ which acts to get our targets to stop thinking about how to get us off the phone and open their minds to a short conversation about how we’ve helped others accomplish something we’d like to talk to them about.

If you’d like more information on how to Counter their initial ‘no’, drop us a line or give us a call. Or, if you’re simply interested in why no team of sales professionals has ever failed to at least double the number of Initial Appointments they were setting after going through one of our programs, give us a call or drop us a line. We love talking appointment making!

Caponi Performance Group and Contact Science jointly market the telephone prospecting and cold calling solution called Coldcalling101™.  It is the only comprehensive solution to solving the biggest barrier to success in most selling organizations—the inability to secure enough Initial Appointments to begin the selling process. We accomplish that through simultaneously addressing both the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.  We can be reached at 817 224-9900 or at  You can also find answers to many of your challenges in our books: Contrary to Popular Belief, Cold Calling DOES Work! Volume I: Effectiveness, The Art of Appointment Making and  Volume II: Efficiency, the Science of Appointment Making.

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