Finding H.E.R.B.

How to find the Highest Executive Responsible for Buying within a target company.

Many times acquired lists (or certainly lists of companies we compile on our own) will not have the name of the person we want to meet with. So, where do we go to get this information prior to placing the first call to H.E.R.B?


I was also reading a blog recently by a sales professional lamenting that targets she’s calling today don’t seem to be willing to take a moment and talk with us cold callers to learn from us before determining whether we’ve got something to offer or not.

I answered her blog with four thoughts on the topic:

  1. It’s getting worse. Fewer executives have administrative assistants to help them sort through the calls they get. The economy is beginning to boom again so that they will be even busier. That means they’ll have an even less desire to speak with us when we call, so we better have a compelling Bridge Question to get them to stop thinking about how to get us off the phone and into that open-minded conversation we want.
  2. More and more people are using voicemail to screen incoming calls so our voicemails better be very compelling.  Don’t wing it.

Back to the subject at hand—how do we find out who H.E.R.B. is?

  1. Call first into the sales department and get a sales person to help you with a little background information such as who might be the correct person to talk with, etc.  Just don’t abuse the fact that most of us sales people are likely to be willing to help a fellow sales person.  They’re busy as well.
  2. You can also ask for the accounts payable or receivable departments. While receptionists are trained on what information to provide over the phone, many times, those buried deep within the organization are not.
  3. Before you start making these calls, here’s a little hint as to when to do it. As a Best Practice, when we start dialing the phone to make appointment making calls, we’ll be more effective if we keep our Call Blocks dedicated to setting appointments.  Do that information gathering at a different time. We are more effective when we get rolling, repeating our script, etc.  Interrupting that flow with information gathering calls loses that benefit.

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