Dial by name directories – should I use it or not?

Or should I hit ‘zero’ and be connected to the operator?

If you’re not familiar with our philosophy and approach to appointment setting, we are all about being as effective as we can on each call so we are as efficient as we can be over time in the process of pursuing many targets simultaneously.  The reason is that very few of us have extra time to sit and make appointment setting calls, nor do many of us like doing it. Ergo, the fewer the dials we need to make and the less time we need to set aside to do it, the better.

With that stated, let me make four basic assumptions here:

  1. You are calling someone off a list you don’t know to ask for an appointment;
  2. If you don’t get through, you’re going to want to leave a message;
  3. You will try again if not successful on this attempt; and four
  4. You know the name of the person you wish to speak with.

With an understanding of those assumptions, here are three reasons to select the dial by name directory:

  1. Even though you might be tempted to hit ‘zero’ because you think it takes less time, it does not because too often you will be screened which will elongate the call if not end it;
  2. Some dial by name directories will give you the extension number outright or allow you to hit another menu choice for further information where you can get it. This will save you much time on subsequent calls;
  3. You are better off leaving a voicemail than leaving a message with the receptionist as you control what the target hears—remember the game of ‘Telephone’ you played when you were a kid?

Efficiency obviously plays a big part in this decision. However, don’t overlook the effectiveness challenge. It is definitely in play here as well. Leaving the message you want to convey directly to the individual who has the responsibility and authority to buy what you sell is a critical part of our methodology. Sending complimentary emails is also as it will quadruple your response rate, thus reducing the number of dials required to be made. Most of our emails contain the words the “Voicemail I left you earlier…” so that the target connects the two. If you don’t leave a voicemail, you’ll need to slightly modify the text of the email, which takes time. Leaving the voicemail yourself will make you more effective.

Want more about our voicemail and email strategies? Click here to be taken to a search result that contains quite a few different topics on the matter.

If you’d like more information on the topic of why no team of sales professionals has ever failed to at least double the number of Initial Appointments they were setting after going through one of our programs, give us a call or drop us a line. We love talking appointment making!

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