How to handle, “Sure, call me next week” and actually have the conversation.

Some exact wording that works.

So, you think you’ve got someone interested. They tell you they can’t talk right now, but you can call them next week and they’ll take your call.

After a bunch of calls where all you heard was ‘no’ or you’ve just left voicemail after voicemail, this is a pleasant departure, right? Someone that is actually interested!

I just went through a Call Block Report for a group of sales professionals that have been through one of our Prospector’s Academies™. There were an unusually high number of calls where I noticed the comment “Okay to call next week” or something to that effect. My immediate reaction was, “Yeah, right” and sure enough…

Because there were so many of them, it caught my attention. To see if my reaction was right, I went back through and searched for the subsequent calls to those targets and sure enough, not a single one of them had resulted in a conversation, let alone an appointment.

We teach a whole method for handling the ‘Too Busy’ response, which is the topic for another day. Let’s just focus here on how to handle the situation where the target actually sounds sincere and tells us to call them back at some point in the very near future—which is what gets us excited. I would say something like the following in that situation:

“Great! And I will do that, but knowing how busy you are in any given week, my guess is that when I call you then, you’re going to have a lot going on then as well. Why don’t we just go ahead and put something down on the calendar right now? Do you have your calendar handy?”

This has a couple of advantages:

  1. It forces the issue, so if he/she is really just brushing you off, they will come back with a different objection you can try to handle; and
  2. If they are interested, it reduces the crap shoot of trying to get lucky and call when they really aren’t busy.

As I like to say, nothing works all of the time, so even if we put the call on the calendar, sometimes it is still a brush off and they just won’t answer the phone at the appointed time. But, I’m all about increasing my chances for success wherever I can, so if they agree to take my call, most of the time they will, so it’s worth doing. Particularly if you are calling on executives. Very few of them say that unless they mean it.  It happens more with unsophisticated buyers, owners of small businesses who haven’t developed the guts to just say no.

If you’d like more information on the topic of why no team of sales professionals has ever failed to at least double the number of Initial Appointments they were setting after going through one of our programs, give us a call or drop us a line. We love talking appointment making!

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