Why using your Unique Selling Proposition in your opening script doesn’t work.

Can you really say something that your competitors aren’t?

Another reason we don’t believe in investing enormous amounts of time on making the ‘Opening Approach’ on an appointment making call ‘perfect’ is the fact that it is really difficult to differentiate oneself from the competition in a sentence or two. More importantly, it is impossible to create one that your target hasn’t heard before.

It is difficult for someone who truly believes that their offering is better to understand that their competitors are basically saying the same things about themselves, even if it is not true.

We have the best quality. We have the best service. We really care about our customers. We’re small, so you’re not just a number to us. We’re big, so we can bring more resources to bear on a customer’s problem… Get the picture? You can’t come up with any statement that your target hasn’t heard before.

So before you go spend any more time working on the perfect opening, do what we do when we consult with clients to help them build their appointment setting strategy. Put yourself in your competitor’s shoes for a moment and ask yourself how you would build an opening for them. Would they say they don’t have the best quality or don’t have the best customer service? Of course not. So, even if you are the best—and can prove it—your target isn’t going to believe you when you say it because everybody says it.

The bottom line is this. Take our advice and talk about what you’ve actually accomplished for others like them (your target) instead. It is a subtle difference, but neuro linguistic programming says that human brain actually hears this subtle difference. Give yourself third party credibility by stating what your customers tell you about what you did for them.

But here’s the bigger point. They’ll still most likely not believe you, so invest your time in how you’re going to Counter the inevitable “No” you’re going to hear. You’ll set way more appointments using that strategy.

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