How to cut down on the need to make cold calls.

Two simple ways to cut down on the number of cold calls you need to make.

Very few people (including me) likes to cold call.  Even if you really believe in what you sell and know it helps the people who buy it, hearing all those ‘Nos’ can beat you down.  So what to do? Continue reading “How to cut down on the need to make cold calls.”

Finding H.E.R.B.

How to find the Highest Executive Responsible for Buying within a target company.

Many times acquired lists (or certainly lists of companies we compile on our own) will not have the name of the person we want to meet with. So, where do we go to get this information prior to placing the first call to H.E.R.B? Continue reading “Finding H.E.R.B.”

Caller ID and the Mystery Cold Caller.

Why you shouldn’t block your outgoing Caller ID.

So, you think you’re pretty smart and doing yourself a favor by cold calling with the Caller ID on your phone blocked? Here’s why we believe you are hurting yourself. Continue reading “Caller ID and the Mystery Cold Caller.”

Three Metrics required to manage the appointment setting process.

“Make more dials!” goes the typical sales manager mantra.  But is that the best way to set more  appointments?

Many clients we’ve worked with originally only had their sales teams reporting to management each week the number of dials they were making to set appointments. Most also track the number of appointments set. But, even in those situations that track them both, it’s not enough to effectively manage the process. Continue reading “Three Metrics required to manage the appointment setting process.”

How to shorten buying cycles and sell more with one easy technique.

The value of asking for a ‘Next Calendar Event’.

This is a little long for a blog, but if you take the time to read it and apply its concept, I promise you it will shorten your buying cycles and open up more time for you to actually sell more—e.g. make more money. Interested? Continue reading “How to shorten buying cycles and sell more with one easy technique.”

The four reasons sales professionals fail at appointment-setting.

Why our approach is different and why it has never failed to double the number of appointments a group of sales professionals set after going through our program.

When I make my own appointment making calls, prospects ask me all the time, why would investing in one of my Prospector’s Academies benefit them? They say that their team seems to be doing okay. And if my sales team knows how to close, they must also know how to set appointments, right? After all, selling is selling? “I just don’t think I’m interested.” Continue reading “The four reasons sales professionals fail at appointment-setting.”

A simple way to set the basic activity requirements for any sales goal. Blog 4 of 4…

The most basic activity component of the selling process is the dial. Do you know how many dials you need to make today to hit your annual revenue goal?

The last of the 2018 goal setting blogs is about setting the daily activity objectives so that you can measure your progress towards your goal each day. If you went through the GOSPA exercise, you know that the Strategy piece of the process is very powerful. When you figure out how you’re going to accomplish a particular objective—in this case—your revenue goal, then it’s time to ‘do the math’ in terms of the activity necessary. Continue reading “A simple way to set the basic activity requirements for any sales goal. Blog 4 of 4…”

The five key steps to preparing for a Call Block.

Preparing for a Call Block is not as simple as it seems, but it still is a simple process.

At the Starting blocks

When we’re ready to start calling for appointments, all we need to know is who we’re going to call, right?

Wrong. To efficiently complete what we call a ‘Call Block’, one must take a few steps to be able to flow through the calls without interruption.

Here’s what we need to do: Continue reading “The five key steps to preparing for a Call Block.”

Asking for a specific time for an appointment does work.

So you still want to ask, “Are mornings or afternoons better for you?”

fear-quoteA sales professionals in one of our Prospector’s Academies told me this story the other day during a role-play session and I thought it was worth passing on to you.

He told me that he had always been afraid to say no when a target would propose a different time for an appointment than he had originally asked for; even when he had something personal scheduled. He told me that he would say yes to almost anything, even if it were inconvenient—just to get the appointment. He told me that for the first time, he countered with a third time and the prospect said yes. He was ecstatic. “It worked, it worked!” he exclaimed.

Continue reading “Asking for a specific time for an appointment does work.”

Just say no!

It’s okay to say no to a time that won’t work for you!

Nope neon imageWe teach to ask for a specific time and date for the appointment you want. Unfortunately, our targets also live by a calendar and sometimes our specific request can’t be met, so they propose something different. When that happens, why do some of us sales professionals seem so reluctant to say no to that request when the target’s suggestion is inconvenient to us?

Continue reading “Just say no!”