The four reasons sales professionals fail at appointment-setting.

Why our approach is different and why it has never failed to double the number of appointments a group of sales professionals set after going through our program.

When I make my own appointment making calls, prospects ask me all the time, why would investing in one of my Prospector’s Academies benefit them? They say that their team seems to be doing okay. And if my sales team knows how to close, they must also know how to set appointments, right? After all, selling is selling? “I just don’t think I’m interested.” Continue reading “The four reasons sales professionals fail at appointment-setting.”

The five key steps to preparing for a Call Block.

Preparing for a Call Block is not as simple as it seems, but it still is a simple process.

At the Starting blocks

When we’re ready to start calling for appointments, all we need to know is who we’re going to call, right?

Wrong. To efficiently complete what we call a ‘Call Block’, one must take a few steps to be able to flow through the calls without interruption.

Here’s what we need to do: Continue reading “The five key steps to preparing for a Call Block.”

Top 10 mistakes cold callers make on the phone (# 10).

Mistake #10 – Calling the same day and / or time of day over and over again, or calling the same person over and over again the same day.

D'ohAlbert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is “…doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”


One of the basic tenets behind The Appointment Making Formula™ is having a plan (we call them Best Practices) and then employing technology (we use a specialized tool—the Science of the Art, Science and Best Practice of Appointment Making), called PROSPECTING from Contact Science. it works as a front end to CRMs) to  enable the efficient application of the Best Practices and track what you do so that you can leverage what works and change what doesn’t.  Continue reading “Top 10 mistakes cold callers make on the phone (# 10).”