What does the movie Ground Hog Day and appointment setting have in common?

There are two rules our targets play by when they answer the phone. Ignore them at your peril. 

Remember the movie, Ground Hog Day? Bill Murray kept experiencing the same day, over and over again, until he finally addressed what was causing it.

So, what does that have to do with appointment setting? It’s this. We seem to hear the same thing when we ask for appointments, over and over again. Yet, many of us are not yet prepared to handle those responses. I have an old saying, “Shame on us if we’ve heard the same response more than three times and we haven’t taken the time to prepare how we’re going to handle it.” It becomes our own personal Ground Hog Day. Continue reading “What does the movie Ground Hog Day and appointment setting have in common?”

Answering email requests for information

Adding an email to voice mails we leave changes how we answer this ‘Negative Response’.

send-me-info imageAs you know, we recommend sending along a complementary email to support voicemails we leave. The result of doing this has tripled the responses we (and our clients) are now getting from placed calls, so it is worth doing (particularly if it takes no effort to send the emails like we recommend). Continue reading “Answering email requests for information”