Why lying to Gatekeepers is a really bad thing.

Decision makers do communicate with their gatekeepers, you know.

 Admin AttributesI was recently at an event with other CEOs and business owners. Most of the attendees know what my company does so they love to regale me with stories of sales professionals who attempt to get an appointment with them. It is a great way for me to hear the target’s side of what works and what doesn’t.

This past week the subject came up of a ‘technique’ a sales professional (and in this case, I use the term lightly) had used to try to set an appointment with him. He said his regular administrative assistant was on vacation so it worked—for a moment anyway. Continue reading “Why lying to Gatekeepers is a really bad thing.”

Another simple way to engage Gatekeepers.

Ask yourself how they could benefit from their boss using what you sell.

Admin AttributesWe have second company that helps the executive teams improve their employee engagement. Companies with high levels of employee engagement wind up on the ‘Best Places to Work’ lists—consistently. And, just in case you didn’t know it, it has been proven that companies on those lists consistently outperform their peers who do not pursue employee engagement with a passion in about every financial measurable way.

It’s a fun business to be in because one of the ways we help those executives improve their employee engagement is by helping them leverage their second most expensive employee benefit, vacation pay. And, hey, who doesn’t like to talk about vacations?

So, what does that have to do with appointment setting? Continue reading “Another simple way to engage Gatekeepers.”

Handling those pesky Gatekeepers, or Gatekeepers can be your friend

What is the best way to handle Gatekeepers?  

Admin AttributesContrary to what most sales people think, their number one responsibility is not to keep us out!  Their number one responsibility is to help their bosses.

On the surface you might think that includes a line in their job description that does say ‘keep sales people out’, but their real job is to help their boss be successful, and in the right circumstances, we can help them do that.Since more people (including us) want more of the bosses’ time than there is time available, good gatekeepers are invaluable in helping their bosses’ sort through what can actually help them do their job better and what won’t or can’t. Continue reading “Handling those pesky Gatekeepers, or Gatekeepers can be your friend”